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Tooth Repair

Porcelain Crowns

In the early years of modern dentistry, crowns had to be made of metal. These days, crowns can be constructed from other materials, such as porcelain and other types of ceramics. Crowns are required when a tooth is severely damaged. There could be a great deal of decay or perhaps much of the tooth is already mostly composed of a previous filling, so that a new filling simply isn’t going to work. Dentists still often recommend metal crowns for back teeth, where they need to be stronger so that they don’t break over time. The back teeth are subject to up to nine times the force and stress that the front teeth typically endure. Although modern porcelain crowns are more resistant to fracture than they once were, they remain more prone to damage than their metal or porcelain fused to metal counterparts. The main advantage of porcelain crowns lies in their ability to effect the most natural looking tooth repair, while not making use of metals.

Unlike porcelain fused to metal crowns, the all-porcelain variety also won’t show any traces of a metal foundation at the gum line. In the case of front teeth, where crowns are going to be clearly visible, most people want something that looks completely natural, which is the case with all-porcelain crowns.